Monday, 11 February 2019

Year six camp 2019

A couple weeks ago the year sixes of 2019 went to M.E.R.C ( Marine Education Recreational Center ) in long bay for camp. The very first thing we did there was go to our dorms and unpack, which wasn't hard at all. Then when we finished unpacking we had morning tea, which was delicious! For my groups first activity we did archery. Archery was so fun but was also very hot. After archery we headed back and had our lunch. And continued our activities when suddenly the smoke alarm went off, but luckily it was just a malfunction. My Favourite activity was stack'em, here is a photo of me stacking milk crates:

Some other activities were giant paddle boarding, kayaking, abseiling, orienteering, the giants ladder, rock climbing, and raft building.  Camp was the most fun experience ever!

Monday, 10 December 2018


Five Facts About Lorde


During this year the Good Shepherd School choir had a lot of practices for the Kids 4 Kids concert. It was on the 13 Tuesday November at the vodafone event centre. Eva and Miracle got a solo for the concert, Eva was a cowgirl and sang love in a fowl house. Miracle sang something so strong. It was fun, entertaining and enjoyable.

Cooking With Bugs

I am learning to persuade my audience using persuasive writing and emotive words
By Kayano

Are you sick and tired of the same old boring meal, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year? Well now you have the chance to bring the taste and crunch back into your meals with many creative recipes. Today I challenge you to cook with bugs. Did you know that one kilogram of termites is packed with 350 grams of protein, where as the same amount of beef contains 320 grams? There are many reasons why people should cook with insects, they are tasty, protein packed, and you can make many delicious meals with them.

“Yuck, disgusting, gross and ew” are some of the words used to describe bugs. But did you know that roughly 98% of the people who tried bugs actually ended up loving them? 80% of the world’s population eat bugs regularly as a treat, but that’s not surprising as they are full of flavour and are quick and easy to add to your everyday meals. We all enjoy a sweet and tasty treat every once in a while, so why not try a bug today! There are many treats you can make with bugs including mealworm fries, scorpion lollipops,ginger cricket cookies, worm tacos and much much more. Not only are bugs a tasty treat, but you can eat them without the guilt as they are a healthy option.

Do you need a healthy snack that can boost up your energy? You might be thinking about having Up&Go right now, but bugs are actually the better option as they are full of protein and energy. You might be surprised to learn about how insects are rich in protein, vitamins, fibre and minerals, in fact bugs are actually more nutritious than most meats such as beef, steak and lamb. Beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers and wasps are some of the healthiest bugs you can eat. Bugs are healthy, nutritious treats but if you are still not persuaded than you can try creating amazing delicious meals that taste even better than your on the go Mcdonalds .

If you could list all your favourite foods, it would probably be filled with donuts, cake and pizza. Well did you know that these delicious foods can be made even better for you by adding a bug or two into them? In fact, bugs produce just a tiny amount of greenhouse gasses that cows make which is better for the environment and also better for us. There are many creative recipes you can make using bugs, why not try wax worm tacos for dinner tonight, or ginger cricket cookies for afternoon tea?

As you can see there are many reasons why we should cook with bugs. Bugs are a fun tasty treat and are also a healthy option, but they aren’t just tasty and healthy, but you can explore different cultures as they are also a creative cooking idea. I guarantee that if you try a bug today, they will be your new favourite food!

Friday, 7 December 2018

Christmas card craft

Today we made christmas cards.  Firstly we made a triangle using masking tape, we then picked some colours and made a gradient using them, once we finished the gradient we then drew a tree silhouette.  This is my finished card.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018


Week 5 was non stop for Room 6 with athletics, kapa haka and Irish dancing. But it was also our final assembly for the year, and for some of us our final assembly at Good Shepherd School. This was the perfect time for us to share some of our talents and learning. We had been focusing on New Zealand music through our passport tasks so it was only fitting to pick a kiwi classic; Six Months in a Leaky Boat by Split Enz (written in 1982). We sung along to the words and put some of groovy moves together to create a dance. Throughout the year one of our favourite activities was reading Chris Gurney’s books during book week. Chris has written so many wonderful and humorous traditional tales with a kiwi voice. We absolutely adore her books, so for our assembly we presented a Readers Theater: Trev and the Kauri Tree.